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Author: Jeff Tantsura

Jeff is the Head of Networking Strategy at Apstra. Previously he was the Nuage Networks where he was Head of Technology Strategy, driving technology strategy for SDx 2.0, evolution of SD-WAN with 5G and IoT, End2end co-operative policy framework, networking and new Segment Routing based encapsulations to provide seamless DC-WAN-DC connectivity. Prior to that he was VP of Network Architecture at Futurewei and Routing CTO at Ericsson. Jeff is very active in IETF, with 50+ RFC’s and drafts co-authored. He is the chair of IETF Routing working group (RTGWG) responsible for the new Network Architectures and technologies, and in the last years most notably - RFC7938 BGP Routing in the large DCs and RFC7490 - IP FRR framework and LFA (Loop Free Alternatives). Jeff is also the chair of IETF Routing in FAT Tries (RIFT) working group building a new routing protocol, purposely designed for DCs.
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Why Have I Joined Apstra?

Jeff Tantsura | Posted Oct 17, 2018

The short answer is quite simple — for the people and technology.

Let me elaborate on both:


Finding a group of like-minded people (who also happen to lead the company) who excel in their core competencies but are open to learn and listen to people who are stronger in...

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